This is a show for all Elvis fans.

 Memories – Life and Times of Elvis Presley is a Elvis show like no other.

The concept of the show is quite simply paying homage to the sound of Elvis Presley throughout his career.

No jumpsuits here, just the amazing tones and stories of the king of rock and roll.

Craig Boladeras pays extreme detail and attention to mimicking the authentic sound of Elvis from the 50’s to the end of the 70’s

With a standard set to open and finish the show it is sure to please any crowd.

Here is the unique addition.

The middle of the show is thrown to the audience.  That’s right you heard correctly!

Audience suggestions are taken for the middle of the show so the crowd can get what they want.

This makes the event a more personal experience and could take the journey anywhere you want to travel.

Memories – Life and Times of Elvis Presley is the next unique addition to your event.

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