Lead Singer

Craig Boladeras is born and raised in Perth Western Australia. He currently resides in Scarborough with his beautiful partner and two children.

Since an early age Craig was brought up on the influence of John Farnham thanks to his mother. Craig’s ability to mimic artists has been in the making since he could sing his first notes.

Craig did not make a career of his music until he hit the age of 18 when he was noticed by Perth agents Steve Brazier and Jennifer Major from VIP Entertainment. He was contracted to do a tribute show to 70’s superstar Meatloaf. Working along side over the years with the very talented, Jaye Yates, Thomas Crane, John Crane and many other WA acts.

Also over the years Craig has played vocal tribute to Elvis Presley with his amazing tone and realism to the voice of the king.

Craig moved onto stepping in the shoes of Jake Blues for the Blues Brothers tribute show alongside Jack Kyros as Elwood Blues and has successfully been filling venues and getting dancers on the floor for over 15 years.

Although Craig’s talents were specifically being used to pay tribute to one artist at a time he longed for a variety show that would showcase everything he could do. In the early 2000’s Craig decided to work on a act that would showcase all the different artists he could take off. Originally calling the show “Voices” and then later adapting the title to “Musical Mimicry”.

In 2019 Craig was approached by Brett Heffernan lead singer of Rising Sun a tribute to Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel to sing a duet that Barnes and Farnham covered called “When something is wrong with my baby”

This fed Craigs desire to put together a band to pay tribute to Australia’s John Farnham. In rehearsals for just under a year and Craig and his amazing band have polished their “Touch Of Paradise” show ready to show the world with their first show being held at the Ocean View Tavern on the 14th of March 2020.

In the pipeline Craig is working on a trio and also a theatrical version of his Musical Mimicry show.

The future will be a lot of fun that’s for sure…..