What is Musical Mimicry?

Musical Mimicry is a variety show performed by Craig Boladeras one of the best musical vocalist impressionists in Australia.

Craig imitates all artists vocally ranging from the 1950’s to Now and genre’s from Rock to Opera.

Show formats vary in length from from 45mins, 60mins and 90 mins.

The show is available with full production for those big corporate events and a smaller option for private parties and smaller events.

Musical Mimicry goes hand in hand with the Blues Brothers Downunder and other shows if requested. But Musical Mimicry does work quite nicely by its self.

For more show ideas please see the Entertainment and Artists section on this website.

Who is Craig Boladeras?

Craig Boladeras has been entertaining crowds for as long as he can remember. From a very small age the uncanny talent to mimic celebrities and singers has always been a highlight of every party.

Never in his widest dreams did he think it could turn into a profession.

It started off with one major artist ( Elvis Presley)  and then moved onto another artist (Meatloaf).  The list of artists Craig started working on grew and grew by the day.  At this stage it was only for amusement.  Things changed when Craig was handed a DVD of a Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans. It changed his world.  There was a guy in Vegas doing exactly what Craig had been doing in his spare time.  So with out delay Craig started scripting a show and perfecting his impressions for a bigger adventure.

During this time and countless small shows Craig was asked to become a lead singer in the group Blues Brothers Down-under and jumped on the opportunity. The shows came in and Craig’s frustration grew with the lack of time into his own show.  The solution was easy really,  why don’t we combine the shows?

So that’s how the uprising of Musical Mimicry began.  The Blues Brothers Down-under put Musical Mimicry on the bill and gave Craig the open door he needed to get his name out there.

It took awhile but nothing worth while is easy.

Craig now headlines shows at the most amazing functions and wows audiences everywhere.

He loves putting smiles on everyone’s faces and taking people to the moments in their lives when a certain song makes you reminisce.  He has caused tears, laughter and confusion. Confusion you say! Yes , a patron once asked the sound engineer what synthesizer Craig voice was going through to create the artist voices.

There are no special effects folks, that is Craig singing. He would love to take you on your next musical journey.

Hearing is Believing